[nmglug] nice meeting y'all

Mark Galassi rosalia at galassi.org
Fri Nov 21 07:51:39 PST 2003

Dear NMGLUG people,

I showed up at the meeting last night as a newbie and it was very
nice.  At the next meeting I plan to bring equipment and look in to
doing detailed things.

I mentioned that it would be nice if we could promote the "Santa Fe
Environment" (to give it a pretentious name) as a cool way of doing
user-level free software computing.  The first thing to do is to show
that we can have a community of people who (by default) send
GnuPG-encrypted email to anyone who appears in their keyring.  Next
time we can all start up our favorite mail programs and set it up for
everyone.  I'll put up some links on that before the meeting.

I would also love to give software use and software development
tutorials.  If anyone knows people who want to learn about a topic,
bring them along and we can do something.  And even better: if someone
wants software development mentoring, I have many projects for which I
would *love* collaborators.

And finally: does anyone like to get together for home cooked dinners?
We cook a lot and like to have tons of people over, so if anyone wants
a nerdy evening punctuated by cooking and eating, let me know!


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