[nmglug] nice meeting y'all

Sam Noble samn at peoplepc.com
Fri Nov 21 15:27:15 PST 2003

> The first thing to do is to show
> that we can have a community of people who (by default) send
> GnuPG-encrypted email to anyone who appears in their keyring.

I'm reading some docs about GPG and stuff; Looks like for our purposes
it will be good to use a public keyserver. Shall we decide on one to
use? The HowTo that Kevin Rosenberg posted for NMLUG uses www.us.pgp.net

Also I haven't run into instructions on how to manage my private key.
Mostly how do I make sure I can use it on multiple computers?

> I'll put up some links on that before the meeting.

Sorry if I'm jumping the gun.

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