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Sam Noble sam.noble at comcast.net
Thu Aug 5 16:22:51 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 16:49, WA7BSZ wrote:
> Sam,
> Apparently Knoppix Debian is not the same as plain Debian.  I couldn't
> get apt-get or apt-cache to successfully get to the multimedia site. 
> It almost got there but complained.  I could see the files if I
> manually FTPd there, and could down load them, but I didn't yet.  I
> found the libdvdcss itself on a web site and almost downloaded that as
> it has a .deb package too.  If I use that, will there be an install
> script and will it put files in the correct directories and it will all
> link up and work?  That is what I am afraid of.  I don't know where to
> put the files, and what files to put.  
> When is the next meeting up there?  More than a month from now?
> Kim

Hi Kim,
I'm replying to the list rather than privately so that all can share the
knowledge, I hope that's OK.

While Knoppix is certainly not 'just plain Debian' after a hard-drive
install as I thought you said you'd done, it's pretty darn close.

Did you edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list to contain (in addition to
what' already there) :
deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main
(Or Pi's mirror would work just as well)

And afterwards did you run (as root) 'apt-get update' ?

If that's still not working (though it really should at that point)
Yes you can download the .deb files directly.
To install a .deb you use (as root again) 'dpkg -i <package>.deb'
and it should put all the files in place for you. (.debs are roughly
analagous to .rpm s)

But you shouldn't need to do that to get libdvdcss because (even without
marillat) you should be able to get xine and libdvdread. and then
install libdvdcss using the script we discussed.
just make sure and replace <version> with the version actually installed
on your system.(mine is currently '3' so if I were to run that script it
would be:

And the next meeting is a week from today. (Also that info is always
available in the left hand nav bar on www.nmglug.org)

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