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Sam Noble sam.noble at comcast.net
Sun Aug 8 13:46:46 PDT 2004

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From: Mark Frost <mfrost at westnet.com>
To: nmglug-owner at nmglug.org
Subject: P2 400 PC
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2004 11:51:29 -0400

Hello.  I apologize in advance if this is somehow inappropriate, but I 
wasn't sure how to contact Linux users in the Santa Fe area.  (No, this 
isn't spam :-) ).

I live in NY, but my mom lives there in Santa Fe.  A number of years 
ago, I built a PC for her.  That PC is now getting up in years and I've 
sent her a replacement.  She's now looking to get rid of this old PC.  
It has the following configuration:

- P2 400 CPU
- 64Mb RAM
- 6Gb hard drive
- 100Mb zip drive
- floppy of course
- external 56K (Diamond, I think) modem
- 17" color monitor
- Win98 license with original disk, of course (should you be interested 
in that :-) )

I know this older system is pretty inadequate for most folks, but as a 
Linux firewall or gateway or some other small app server, I thought a 
Linux hacker might find this system useful.  So I found your LUG there 
in Santa Fe.

All I'm looking for is for someone to come pick the system up from my 
mom if they're interested.  It's all in fine working condition -- 
nothing broken or falling apart.

Also, if there might be some other person/organization/whatever that you 
might know of that would be interested in taking this system, please let 
me know.


Mark Frost
mfrost at westnet.com


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