[nmglug] PCMCIA Wireless Cards

WA7BSZ wa7bsz at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 11 07:50:13 PDT 2004

I believe one of my little cheap Prism chipset wireless cards has a
hardware failure, possibly from being in a laptop that was too old and
not controlled well, and it may have put 5V on it, even though it is a
3.3V card.  It made the other one work erratically, and only after
about 30 minutes in another computer did it start working well again. 
So I think that old Compaq might be a little flaky in voltage control.

Anyway, now I have an opportunity to contemplate getting a wireless
card that is good for Linux.  I see Orinoco is liked.  Where could I
get a good wireless PCMCIA card for Linux for not too much?  Orinoco
silver verses Gold?  Something better than Orinoco?  What brand


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