[nmglug] usb drive

BrianO'Keefe okeefe at cybermesa.com
Tue Aug 15 17:30:29 PDT 2006

Jeff Shippen wrote:
> Linux command utilities for viewing partitions:
> df -h #will show you information about all mounts
> du -h #will show you how much space directories and files are using
> If that doesn't help, what exactly do you want to check on this hard 
> drive?
> Jeff
> BrianO'Keefe wrote:
>> Hopefully someone can help on this. I'd posted about my weird usb 
>> drive experience and now I have another issue.
>> I have a Fantom drive, 160GB with 3 partitions. One is extfs and the 
>> others are hfs journalled for my OS X partition backup and my wife's 
>> iBook backups. I have divide it so that the Linux partition is 40GB. 
>> I have about 6GB of data on it but it is showing only 7GB of free 
>> space. I double checked the drive with OS X disk utility and it 
>> actually has 40GB capacity so I wonder where all the free space is. 
>> Any ideas on how to check this. What Linux utility is equivalent to 
>> Mac Disk utility?
>> Thanks
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OK- figured out the caps thing. I had installed gnome-applets and while 
the daemon is running I have no caps! Won't use that again.
Thanks much for the info Jeff. Those commands are great!
The first shows:  /dev/sdb9              31G   25G  4.1G  86% 

Using the second with "/media/For_Linux" shows: 
 du -h /media/For_Linux
4.0K    /media/For_Linux/MoviesToDo
du: `/media/For_Linux/.Trashes': Permission denied
3.0G    /media/For_Linux/DVD/VIDEO_TS
4.0K    /media/For_Linux/DVD/AUDIO_TS
3.0G    /media/For_Linux/DVD
du: `/media/For_Linux/.Trash-root': Permission denied
3.4G    /media/For_Linux/Nausicaa
4.0K    /media/For_Linux/.Trash-1000
4.0K    /media/For_Linux/Pictures/Galisteo
472K    /media/For_Linux/Pictures/GraveoftheFireflies/hotaru001-1024 Files
792K    /media/For_Linux/Pictures/GraveoftheFireflies
520K    /media/For_Linux/Pictures/pups
57M     /media/For_Linux/Pictures/Salton-SanDiego
88M     /media/For_Linux/Pictures/SDTennis
49M     /media/For_Linux/Pictures/Sedona
53M     /media/For_Linux/Pictures/Acura8-6-06
268M    /media/For_Linux/Pictures
1012M   /media/For_Linux/AudioBooks
4.0K    /media/For_Linux/.Trash-brianokeefe
46M     /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip/Sedona
88M     /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip/SDTennis
43M     /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip/Salton-SanDiego
53M     /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip/Acura8-6-06
228M    /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip
4.0K    /media/For_Linux/ToVidMovies
11G     /media/For_Linux

For a total of 11G as opposed to 25G

So my question is what are using the other 14GB that df -h shows as 
being used? I want to free up those Gigs if I can.

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