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Jeff Shippen spiffycomputers at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 18:18:37 PDT 2006

BrianO'Keefe wrote:
> Jeff Shippen wrote:
>> Linux command utilities for viewing partitions:
>> df -h #will show you information about all mounts
>> du -h #will show you how much space directories and files are using
>> If that doesn't help, what exactly do you want to check on this hard 
>> drive?
>> Jeff
>> BrianO'Keefe wrote:
>>> Hopefully someone can help on this. I'd posted about my weird usb 
>>> drive experience and now I have another issue.
>>> I have a Fantom drive, 160GB with 3 partitions. One is extfs and the 
>>> others are hfs journalled for my OS X partition backup and my wife's 
>>> iBook backups. I have divide it so that the Linux partition is 40GB. 
>>> I have about 6GB of data on it but it is showing only 7GB of free 
>>> space. I double checked the drive with OS X disk utility and it 
>>> actually has 40GB capacity so I wonder where all the free space is. 
>>> Any ideas on how to check this. What Linux utility is equivalent to 
>>> Mac Disk utility?
>>> Thanks
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> OK- figured out the caps thing. I had installed gnome-applets and 
> while the daemon is running I have no caps! Won't use that again.
> Thanks much for the info Jeff. Those commands are great!
> The first shows:  /dev/sdb9              31G   25G  4.1G  86% 
> /media/For_Linux
> Using the second with "/media/For_Linux" shows: du -h /media/For_Linux
> 4.0K    /media/For_Linux/MoviesToDo
> du: `/media/For_Linux/.Trashes': Permission denied
> 3.0G    /media/For_Linux/DVD/VIDEO_TS
> 4.0K    /media/For_Linux/DVD/AUDIO_TS
> 3.0G    /media/For_Linux/DVD
> du: `/media/For_Linux/.Trash-root': Permission denied
> 3.4G    /media/For_Linux/Nausicaa
> 4.0K    /media/For_Linux/.Trash-1000
> 4.0K    /media/For_Linux/Pictures/Galisteo
> 472K    /media/For_Linux/Pictures/GraveoftheFireflies/hotaru001-1024 
> Files
> 792K    /media/For_Linux/Pictures/GraveoftheFireflies
> 520K    /media/For_Linux/Pictures/pups
> 57M     /media/For_Linux/Pictures/Salton-SanDiego
> 88M     /media/For_Linux/Pictures/SDTennis
> 49M     /media/For_Linux/Pictures/Sedona
> 53M     /media/For_Linux/Pictures/Acura8-6-06
> 268M    /media/For_Linux/Pictures
> 1012M   /media/For_Linux/AudioBooks
> 4.0K    /media/For_Linux/.Trash-brianokeefe
> 46M     /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip/Sedona
> 88M     /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip/SDTennis
> 43M     /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip/Salton-SanDiego
> 53M     /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip/Acura8-6-06
> 228M    /media/For_Linux/8-06SanDiegoTrip
> 4.0K    /media/For_Linux/ToVidMovies
> 11G     /media/For_Linux
> For a total of 11G as opposed to 25G
> So my question is what are using the other 14GB that df -h shows as 
> being used? I want to free up those Gigs if I can. 
# Info:
# drive capacity: 160 G
# EXTFS Linux partition capacity: 40 G
# problem: 6 gigs data used != 7 Gig free

Brian, you may have said already, but i'm curious which distro are you 
using?  I have suse 10.1, and i also have a "/media" directory, which is 
NOT the full hard drive.

You say you have only 6 gigs of disk space in use, but according to `du 
-h...` the _/media/For_Linux_ directory is consuming 11 gigs

try this command as root (or use sudo)
$ du -h / > du.txt

That will create a text file containing the information from du 
command.  should not see much happen, but once you get your command line 
back it is done.  you can then use the following command to view the du 
$ less du.txt
navigating with the less command: <enter> scroll down one line, <space> 
down one page, <b> back one page, <G> go to the bottom of the file, <q> quit

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