[nmglug] can't send

BrianO'Keefe okeefe at cybermesa.com
Thu Mar 29 08:23:18 PDT 2007

I reviewed the notice from Cybermesa re: discontinuing the
"mail.cybermesa.com" server and there was an option to use
"smtpauth.cybermesa.com". I tried a message, this being the 2nd, and it
sent after I entered my password. Let's see if this goes!

okeefe at cybermesa.com wrote:
> Thanks for the tip Jason but I had tried that and several other tweaks from
> the forums and lists but nothing seems to work. 
> Some additional info: I was updating with update manager yesterday when the
> downloads stalled for about 1 hour. I also got a message from Cybermesa a
> couple weeks ago that I needed to change my server settings from
> "mail.cybermesa.com" to "pop.cybermesa.com" and "SMTP.cybermesa.com". The SMTP
> doesn't work so I left the outgoing server as "mail.cybermesa.com". 
> I wonder if cybermesa changed something yesterday as I changed nothing and was
> happily sending mail up until I started getting the error.
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