[nmglug] LINUX as domain master?

Andres Paglayan andres at paglayan.com
Fri Mar 30 08:17:45 PDT 2007

an excellent book, if you go by them, is "samba-3 by example",
covers from single file sharing to domain controlling,
another way is using is SWAT, sort of intuitive and well documented
admin interface to samba,

On Mar 30, 2007, at 8:53 AM, Aaron wrote:

> We have a new linux file-server at work, and I will be
> providing file service for Windows.
> I'm fairly naive about doing this.
> I think that when I have used a WORKGROUP,
> everybody could alter every body else's files
> in the common area.
> Can/should I set up LINUX as a Domain master
> (and WINS provider?)
> Any recommended reading (or recipes) for configuring
> samba to do this?
> It might be nice for LINUX users to have
> samba users synched with UNIX accounts.
> They may want both samba and NFS shares.
> (They will need UID/GID for NFS)
>      thanx,
>               aaron
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