[nmglug] LINUX as domain master?

Jason Schaefer js at jasonschaefer.com
Fri Mar 30 09:24:59 PDT 2007

Samba is difficult to setup as a domain controller. How many users do 
you have?

In terms of access to shares, their is no difference between workgroup 
and domain. You can set any permissions for users and groups. This is 
done with chmod and chown on the filesystem.

A system account is required before you can create a samba user. So, you 
automatically have a sync. Although, you can't login via ssh untill a 
password is set. Also, its a good precaution to change /etc/passwd's 
/bin/sh to /bin/false if they are not going to use shell. I would save 
yourself the headache of setting up two services to share and have all 
users over samba. Gnulinux can mount smb shares very easily and you 
don't have to worry about ip based authentication, which can be a real 

Aaron wrote:
> We have a new linux file-server at work, and I will be
> providing file service for Windows.
> I'm fairly naive about doing this.
> I think that when I have used a WORKGROUP,
> everybody could alter every body else's files
> in the common area.
> Can/should I set up LINUX as a Domain master
> (and WINS provider?)
> Any recommended reading (or recipes) for configuring
> samba to do this?
> It might be nice for LINUX users to have
> samba users synched with UNIX accounts.
> They may want both samba and NFS shares.
> (They will need UID/GID for NFS)
>      thanx,
>               aaron
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