[nmglug] Dell PowerEdge 2500 for sale

Nicholas Frost nickf at nickorama.com
Sun Aug 30 15:32:36 PDT 2009

The following server is available for sale for $25 (estate sale);

Dell PowerEdge 2500 (pedestal server)
Pentium III processor at 1266 Mhz (1.2 Ghz)
512 KB L2 cache
512 MB RAM
onboard Dell PercRAID
onboard Adaptec AIC7899 Ultra 160 SCSI controller
two 36 GB Quantum SCSI U160 drives with SCA interface
thin ATAPI 24x CD-ROM drive - TEAC CD-224E (internal)


Pictures attached. Interested parties please contact Nick at:
nickf at nickorama.com

This server is very heavy, the specifications fully loaded are 90 pounds,
the current configuration is (guessing) 50 pounds, possibly more.

The server has been wiped (comes with no OS, just blank SCSI drives).

Nicholas S. Frost
7 Avenida Vista Grande #325
Santa Fe, NM  87508

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