[nmglug] New Toshiba notebook and Wubi

BrianO'Keefe okeefe at cybermesa.com
Sat Jan 31 15:06:28 PST 2009

As some of you know I have been a Powerbook PPC user for years running 
all the Ubuntus since Hoary. I finally joined the hurd and got onto x86 
with a very affordable Toshiba Satellite notebook. It is kicking my 
TiBook's ass! So I immediately wanted my Gnu/Linux and quickly installed 
with Wubi. I didn't think much through, just expressed elation that it 
ran so damn fast, even in a virtual environment.
Well, I never want to even the remotest possibility that the fact Ubuntu 
is running as a Windows app (Gag!!) and could be adversely affected by 
Vista joo-joo happening, I want to install Intrepid on its own 
partition. I found that this is possible with LVPM and a bit more. Has 
anyone done this with success? Intrepid may be a bit too new for LVPM 
from what I have read but thought that I'd check the smartest GLUG 
around and get some feedback.

Muchas Gracias


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