[nmglug] GLug meetings

Mark Galassi mark at galassi.org
Mon Apr 3 20:56:00 PDT 2017

I just wrote to Ana about this and she wrote saying that it has 
been a
coincidence that we did not have the upstairs room.  The schedule 
the near future is:

> *Thursday, April 13* (Theater production in theater - actors use 
> the
> studio up there as their dressing room) - GNU downstairs admin

> *Thursday, April 13 *- GNU upstairs room

> *Thursday, April 27*- GNU upstairs room

> The month of May should still be upstairs unless something comes 
> up. I
> will notify you in advance!

I will ask her if she can consider us "first class" to use the 
-- i.e. that we are considered a "pre-existing" meeting that other
people (like theator) have to work around.  Of course we don't 
pay, but

My general feeling is that Warehouse 21 has given me this 
springboard to
turn a hundred or so kids into GNU/Linux users, and they are very
supportive, even though they live with horrible logistic and money
constraints.  I would like it if we could support them as much as

For me it's also the case that the times that I do manage coming 
nmglug with my busy "single-parent-with-huge-obbligations 
schedule" are
more frequent when it's in the railyard -- I was virtually never 
able to

As for Ted's points: you are pretty much correct on all of them, 
but I
have suggestions for them:

    Ted> lighting is so-so

Yeah, but if we move upstairs it's better, and we have been 
some of the many burned out bulbs.

    Ted> power outlets minimally present

Upstairs we can configure that more to our liking and maybe make 

    Ted> and seating is limited

Upstairs I think we can reconfigure that.

Jason's point about the wi-fi is definitely damning.  What would 
say if I proposed to Ana that we take a hard-nosed approach to the
wi-fi: we (by "we" I mean SITC, of course :-) ) set it up as we 
had done
once and she is committed to not let random people who know 10% 
than her about networks come in and mess it up.

I think that if with a tiny bit of work we can do it, then we are
supporting something quite nice at W21.

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