[nmglug] GLug meetings

jason schaefer js at jasonschaefer.com
Tue Apr 4 10:38:25 PDT 2017

> Jason's point about the wi-fi is definitely damning.  What would y'all

The wifi has been working the last few times. So maybe they will stop
messing with it. Of course it has a "public" password. This is really
annoying but not a reason to move locations.

> say if I proposed to Ana that we take a hard-nosed approach to the
> wi-fi: we (by "we" I mean SITC, of course :-) ) set it up as we had done
> once and she is committed to not let random people who know 10% more
> than her about networks come in and mess it up.

I don't think there is much we can do to help them. From past
experience, I know we would be wasting our time and theirs.

> I think that if with a tiny bit of work we can do it, then we are
> supporting something quite nice at W21.

I'm ok with trying.

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