[nmglug] Comcast and Thunderbird Blues Reprise

Alucard alucard at swcp.com
Wed Apr 17 12:51:45 PDT 2019

Hi Tom,

I spent a couple of minutes to see if that was easily change-able from 
command line. However, it looks like Thunderbird wants you to adjust 
this via the GUI.

  * Click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines that represent a
    menu, top right of TBird)
  * Hover over Preferences -> Account Settings
  * Go to the Comcast email -> Server Settings
  * Change the server name to: imap.comcast.net
  * Change the same setting for any other Comcast emails.

If there was still no effect, re-open TBird and check again. If it still 
won't change, then I would remove the IMAP account, and re-add it. 
Unless you stray from this, then you will not lose any Local Folders, or 

  * Click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines that represent a
    menu, top right of TBird)
  * Hover over Preferences -> Account Settings
  * Click on the Comcast email
  * Go to Account Actions and select Remove Account
  * To re-add, Go to Account Actions and select Add Mail Account
  * Manually configure your email account again.
  * Repeat for any other Comcast email addresses in your current profile.

I don't think TBird really wants you to poke around in the config, 
unless you're going to backup/restore files.



On 4/17/19 1:16 PM, Tom Ashcraft wrote:
> It's happening again.  And no, I'm not off my meds, but I'm beginning 
> to wonder if perhaps I should be on some as this stuff is starting to 
> make me feel really crazy.
> Anyone know their way around the .thunderbird directories well enough 
> to point me toward the likely suspects?
> First, Comcast apparently configured our rented modem-router in such a 
> way that imap.comcast.net failed in all instances of Thunderbird on 
> different machines in our house.  I eventually discovered and adopted 
> the workaround of using imap.ge.xfinity.com (perfectly functional, but 
> with invalid certificate problems, probably due to my lack of 
> knowledge or comprehension or motivation or time to figure it all out.)
> Next, I purchased our own modem-router and soon discovered that with 
> the new router imap.comcast.net works fine in all instances on 
> different machines in our house.  So I set 'em all back to 
> imap.comcast.net recommended defaults.  Smooth sailing until...
> Now, after a couple or three weeks of successful use, I discover that 
> on my wife's machine that both  instances of Thunderbird in separate 
> user accounts accounts have stopped downloading emails with 
> imap.comcast.net.  Ubuntu MATE 18.04 kicks up little screen messages 
> saying that it can't connect with imap.ge.xfinity.com--which, of 
> course, it shouldn't now be trying to do because server settings in 
> both accounts are configured for imap.comcast.net
> Where do these gremlins reside and from whence did they come?  Is it 
> witchcraft?  I put it to the council:  Should someone be burned at the 
> stake or is it only a wee misunderstanding?
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