[nmglug] new laptop

Brian O'Keefe okeefe at cybermesa.com
Mon Jul 29 17:27:43 PDT 2019

Howdy all,

I bought a on-sale laptop. It's an: ASUS VivoBook 15.6" FHD Laptop, 
Quad-Core Ryzen 5 2500U Processor (up to 3.6 GHz) with Radeon Vega 8 
Graphics, 8 GB DDR4, 256 GB M.2 SSD, 802.11ac Wi-Fi - F505ZA-DH51. It's 
a race car for me at least. I downloaded Ubunu 19.04 and made a bootable 
USB drive and installed. Boy is it good looking! I can't wait to get all 
of my data migrated but I am. As you see the SSD is not so large as the 
1TB I have on my old ACER. I thought that I was using about 45% disk 
space and was not, of course, worried because the drive is so large 
capacity. I never finished migrating all of my data from my previous and 
hosed 500GBSSD that Mark helped, or actually did, save so I have some 
scattered data on the ACER and on the 500SSD. In prepping to start 
moving stuff around I used the GUI Disk Analyzer and very much to my 
surprise I found files of up to 49GB!! I have 5 or 6 WINE programs I run 
and that shows up as a 39GB folder. Now that makes no sense at all, as 
is the case with several other folders. I have a folder for my activism 
stuff and that's 29GB which is outlandishly wrong. So the Disk analyzer 
is wrong or somehow these folders have been growing on their own, 
bloating like a president's ego. My Q is, what console tool would give 
me the disk usage in a tree-like format (I know not like a GUI but a 
list from highest to lowest size of folders). Is this possible?

It appears that if the GUI Disk Analyzer is correct then I can lose a 
few items, like the wine programs, VMs and other unnecessaries and have 
plenty of space on the new drive. I had planned to use the 1TB drive as 
a storage device for my 10,000+ photos, etc. This would work but I don't 
trust the GUI and don't want to start some weird event and lose data nor 
do I want to transfer mostly useless data that is actually  a couple 
Gigs and not the tens of GB I am seeing.

I'll check out the forums for a console command but i thought I'd go to 
the best first.



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