[nmglug] new laptop

Brian O'Keefe okeefe at cybermesa.com
Tue Jul 30 13:48:03 PDT 2019

Hey Mars, good to see you back. I haven't heard a peep for it seems 
years. And du also works great for this. I will be winnowing away soon. 
I have my 1TB drive in my current laptop so I need to copy data to 
another drive I used to start the migration to the 1TB, which I sort of 
quit when I got the kernel issue with anything above 4.15 and my 
graphics going bad. Never did resolve that or I would just put the drive 
into the new ASUS. So now to copy important stuff to another drive, 
clean install on the 1TB, copy data back over. the only pain is getting 
my T-Bird and FF profiles correctly transferred so that I have all of 
their mail, addressbooks, bookmarks and history. I've done it several 
times but still time consuming.

And thanks Jared. The GUI was the Gnome standard "Disk Use Analyzer". 
and you can see my email that somehow all of my 34GB of photos ended up 
in the `/.playonlinux directory in addition to being in my actual photos 
directory so there's a lot of space just there.

What I'd like is to keep the 256 SSD and pare my data down and use the 
1TB SSD for mass storage. I don't need all of the data to be always on 
the disk or I tend to just keep bloating away (thereby running an 
emulator of my physical condition!)



On 7/30/19 9:58 AM, J. Marsden DeLapp wrote:
> du -hcd 1 | sort -h
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