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Wed Jun 26 20:01:38 PDT 2019

Hello fellow NMGLUGers!

The second meeting for ABQLUG is coming up in less than a week! It's 
going to be at Ideas and Coffee (it's a co-working space, not really a 
coffee shop). This will be on July 2nd 2019 at 6:00pm. For more direct 
information, please visit the attendee page.


The main topic will be on how to use Wine and CrossOver for Linux. All 
the way from the basics to how to handle a more complicated application. 
For a direct example I will be presenting how to install Ancestral Quest 
15 and Quicken (Quicken was easier to install through CrossOver). 
Although I will admit that Quicken isn't fully functional. This is due 
to the fact that I don't own any Quicken software and I am missing a 
certain patch file that should fix this. The patch file should be 
accessible with a valid intuit login.

If anyone else would like for me to take a look at seeing if Wine can be 
used with any Windows software, just email me directly and I will give 
it a shot and see if I can include it in the next meetup.

Now, I am not claiming to be an expert with Wine. If you are an expert 
with Wine, you might not get too much out of this. However, I am willing 
to bet that everyone would at least learn something new about Wine.

PS: If you're planning on attending I would like to coordinate (via 
email) with anyone that would like to bring a bottle of _actual_ wine. I 
am not advocating excessive drinking by any means. I just think it would 
be a fun idea to have some wine when discussing Wine. I highly expect no 
one to respond to this. And if my suspicion is correct I'll bring some 
Cranberry juice as a substitute. (Since I'm too broke to drop money on 
wine.) Again, don't just assume you should bring some without at least 
telling me first.

PSS: David, if you are reading this... I tried to email you directly. 
However it resulted in bounce messages saying your account doesn't 
exist. I would like to coordinate with you to see if I can get the patch 
file I need to make Quciken 2016 work. So please email me directly so I 
hopefully show off a working Quicken 2016 setup.

I hope to see you all there!
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