[nmglug] online chat systems like IRC and slack

Mark Galassi mark at galassi.org
Fri May 3 07:41:32 PDT 2019

    Satsangat> HPC is using Mattermost for instant messaging [...]

That's cool that they are going with a free s/w solution; the central
lab approach is "skype for business", continuing central IT's proud
history of picking proprietary and lame approaches.

This raises another interesting quesiton.  I took a quick stab at
installing matrix-synapse, mattermost and "let's chat".

matrix-synapse is packaged in debian/ubuntu and seems to not need too
much other config, which is kind of cool.

On the other hand mattermost needs a mysql setup, and mattermost needs a
mongodb setup.

So here's my question: powerful as the heavy-duty databases are, when I
do a small-scale deployment I prefer to pick the SQLite option if they
have it.  But often (like with mattermost) they don't have that option.

So I have to deal with yet another mysql setup, which is annoying.

Has anyone found a state of joy in their handling of many sql setups for
random bits of web backend s/w on their host?  What's your secret?  How
do you automate and set up an "unattended reinstall" when passwords are

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