[nmglug] Meeting? Website down? No GUI

Brian O'Keefe okeefe at cybermesa.com
Tue May 14 08:01:35 PDT 2019

Thanks Ted. I'll get to a more detailed response later as I have an 
exhibition all week and weekend that I need to be on.

But... I have an Acer Aspire. I only have one drive that I use and that 
is the 1TB SSD onto which I installed 18.04 cleanly. I then USB'd my old 
drive and pulled off the data I wanted, no config files or anything that 
would effect the booting issues. It booted, etc. fine and then would not 
boot. I had taken the package manager's advice and deleted the extra 
kernels and only those that apt showed. That's when I started having 
issues. At that point I had two kernels and neither one worked well so I 
installed all the kernels that synaptic listed. Still weird graphics so 
I booted in Grub and chose an older kernel that the first but newer than 
my former. This is $ uname -a  "Linux ubuntu-Aspire-5560 
4.15.0-48-generic #51-Ubuntu

So I have no idea how my user name would end up in the boot order in 
Bios. It sits right at the top "ubuntu", then the SSD, optical and last, 
floppy. If I shut down then I need to change the boot order with the SSD 
first, then go to the Grub menu and pick the kernel shown

So boot and reboot are not using the kernel shown nor the boot order. 
The order gives me a non-responsive splash screen and the first kernel 
gives me the wrong monitor res. I did this, "sudo gedit 
/etc/default/grub" and changed the screen resolution to 1366x768 and 
that's good. Whereas no displays were detected before, now I have 7 
resolution options. The OS has reverted to the correct 1280 x 760 and I 
can choose the display I want and it works. You know, I mentioned my box 
being tapped and bugged and I think it was back at Standing Rock. Call 
me paranoid but if anyone recalls, I couldn't access several Google 
apps, the one I use the most, google/maps, would not load. I dug deep 
into some config file (can't recall) and found a name (made up) and some 
garble in that file. Once I commented it out Google returned. I am on 
lists (Funky Bureau of Instigation, among others as I was arrested and 
observed whole up there. I don't really know if that's an issue, that 
"they" could keep bugging my OS.

Anyway, that's it for now and gotta run.

Many thanks. Perhaps I can make the next meeting if it's not this Thursday

On 5/13/19 8:41 PM, Ted Pomeroy wrote:

> Brian, I am curious about the hardware. What is the make and model? 
> And 2 drives, right? Is have a laptop with root on ssd and home on 
> hdd. I have not had any issues like yours with startup and shutdown. 
> Thank you, Ted P.
> On Mon, May 13, 2019, 6:58 PM Brian O'Keefe <okeefe at cybermesa.com 
> <mailto:okeefe at cybermesa.com>> wrote:
>     Thanks for the help. Since I wrote this I have done a clean
>     install to 18.04 and things are mostly fine. I do have some weird
>     shutdown, boot and reboot issues but am working around them.
>     Essentially the laptop never shuts down but just shows a splash
>     screen until I hard power it off, boots into the newest kernel
>     which does not work graphically so I boot and choose a kernel that
>     works. Not much older but older enough to work. No reboot at all
>     as there is no clean shutdown to restart from and in any case it
>     would boot into the kernel that is graphically an issue. I've
>     gotten some good advice from the GLUGgers up here but haven't
>     implemented them yet. Oh, the Bios shows the drives, including my
>     SSD, but also a choice that is my user name only. It pops up to
>     the top even after I change the order to boot from the SSD first.
>     I've never seen a user name as a boot device.
>     I will hopefully get around to this soon, with the advice I've
>     gotten. Just don't want to gum up the works!
>     Many thanks,
>     Brian
>     On 5/13/19 9:23 AM, ABQLUG wrote:
>>     Hi Brian,
>>     I don't mind trying to take a stab at the laptop, if you wanted
>>     to bring it to the ABQLUG meeting. Just make sure to bring the
>>     charger.
>>     I typically run this command to fix broken updates.
>>     sudo apt -f install
>>     Have you tried that already?
>>     Ultimately I would rather move that laptop to Ubuntu 18.04 if
>>     possible. Supporting 16.10 doesn't seem like a very good idea.
>>     Also, your computer's time is wrong. (I think this is how you
>>     would fix it on Ubuntu 16.10)
>>     sudo timedatectl set-ntp on
>>     Then run this to see if it actually updated the time.
>>     timedatectl
>>     Regards,
>>     Jared
>>     On 3/15/18 2:49 PM, BrianO'Keefe wrote:
>>>     Hi All,
>>>     I ask about a meeting as I could bring my laptop and perhaps get
>>>     help in resolving the problem of having no dm after updating
>>>     normally with update manager. Just security updates. Ubuntu
>>>     16.10 AMD64. Have tried everything that I can find on web to no
>>>     avail. In text mode I run "startx" and get a quick splash and
>>>     returned to text mode and "waiting for xserver to shut down (II)
>>>     server terminated successfully (0), Closing log file.esetting
>>>     enabled.xinit: connection to X server lost"
>>>     Any help? Most certainly appreciated!
>>>     Brian
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