[nmglug] Can anyone suggest an audio recorder?

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Sun Nov 24 08:01:38 PST 2019

Hey LeRoy,I use audacity. It should already be in your repo.What version of Debian are you using?    lsb_release -aIf audacity (or kdenlive for that matter) is not in your repo, then consider using snaps to install both.https://snapcraft.io/audacityhttps://snapcraft.io/kdenliveIf your on Debian 9 or 10. You can install snap(d) to get access to snaps.https://snapcraft.io/docs/installing-snap-on-debianThere might be a way to do the voice over within kdenlive, but I'm not sure. You might record with audacity and import the .wav into kdenlive. If you are capturing video from your machine's desktop and trying to record audio at the same time, like so many computer how-tos on YouTube, then you should check out OBS  (Open Broadcaster Software).Are you editing video produced from a camera? Or are you trying to record what is on your desktop?~ Jared
-------- Original message --------From: LeRoy Diener <leroy at choosetherightside.com> Date: 11/24/19  7:36 AM  (GMT-07:00) To: nmglug at lists.nmglug.org Subject: [nmglug] Can anyone suggest an audio recorder? Hi NMGLUG folks,Does anyone have any experience using an audio recorder?Can you suggest any audio recorder that works well?My specific need at this moment is to record voice-over audio files which I will add to videos which I'll edit in Kdenlive.Thanks in advance,LeRoy--I am the Love of God, no matter what.LeRoy Diener213-LEROYIZ213-537-6949www.leroydiener.com/
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