[nmglug] Can anyone suggest an audio recorder?

LeRoy Diener leroy at choosetherightside.com
Mon Nov 25 09:18:23 PST 2019

Hi NMGLUG folks,

In response to Jared, thanks for your detailed info and questions. Here are
answers to your questions:
I am using Debian GNU/Linux 9.11 (stretch).
I managed to get Kdenlive installed with help from Jason.
I just installed Audacity from my repository by using the "Software" GUI.

Why do you suggest .wav as a file format to import into kdenlive?
My plan is mostly to edit videos which are recorded on a phone or camera.
I did not find any way to record a voiceover in kdenlive.
I did some successful testing using audacity and kdenlive.

Here's what I did in testing: In audacity, I recorded my voice, clicked on
File > Export Audio, in the Export Audio Dialog box, mp3 was the default. I
selected folder and filename, and I clicked save. In kdenlive, I added a
video which I had recorded on my phone and copied to my hard drive, my
voiceover.mp3 and music.mp3. I dragged all 3 onto the timeline, clicked
Project > Render. In the Rendering dialog box, I selected mp4, selected
folder and filename, and I clicked Render to File.
The successful test produced a .mp4 file which has the video, the voiceover
and the music all superimposed exactly as I put them on the kdenlive

It seems that I have proof of concept. I am grateful to all of you who have
helped me to get to this point.
I consider myself now a total novice with kdenlive and audacity.
Any suggestions?

I am the Love of God, no matter what.
LeRoy Diener

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> Hey LeRoy,I use audacity. It should already be in your repo.What version
> of Debian are you using??   lsb_release -aIf audacity (or kdenlive for that
> matter) is not in your repo, then consider using snaps to install both.
> https://snapcraft.io/audacityhttps://snapcraft.io/kdenliveIf your on
> Debian 9 or 10. You can install snap(d) to get access to snaps.
> https://snapcraft.io/docs/installing-snap-on-debianThere might be a way
> to do the voice over within kdenlive, but I'm not sure. You might record
> with audacity and import the .wav into kdenlive. If you are capturing video
> from your machine's desktop and trying to record audio at the same time,
> like so many computer how-tos on YouTube, then you should check out OBS
> (Open Broadcaster Software).Are you editing video produced from a camera?
> Or are you trying to record what is on your desktop?~ Jared
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> recorder? Hi NMGLUG folks,Does anyone have any experience using an audio
> recorder?Can you suggest any audio recorder that works well?My specific
> need at this moment is to record voice-over audio files which I will add to
> videos which I'll edit in Kdenlive.Thanks in advance,LeRoy--I am the Love
> of God, no matter what.LeRoy
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