[nmglug] Can anyone suggest an audio recorder?

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you LeRoy.

When I am recording audio, I try to record in a lossless format. WAV 
formatted audio is a perfect example of a lossless audio format. MP3, 
AAC, WMA are all lossy formats. The difference between the two (lossless 
vs lossy) is that lossless can be transcoded over and over (as long as 
it's lossless -> lossless) and will not lose quality. Once an audio file 
has been transcoded to a lossy format, you start to lose audio quality.

Although most users won't notice too big of a difference, its usually 
best to master your content in a lossless format until you are finished 
mastering your content.

This can easily compared to images. The two most common image formats 
are jpg and png. Jpgs are lossy formats, while pngs are lossless. Though 
lossless will be bigger in size, you usually have better results in 

Though if you are worried about quality, having a decent microphone is 
usually the best thing you can do first. Second is to make sure you have 
a noise-damped room to record in. Then I would worry about if you are 
recording in lossless or a lossy format. Since you are recording on the 
phone, I would probably look at recording audio directly into audacity 
using a USB microphone.

This is the one I've seen recommended as a beginner into recording 
audio. Though I have not personally owned or seen it in person: 

It kind of comes down to the environment you are recording in. If you 
need to isolate sounds from the keyboard or movement on the desk, then 
you probably need a better stand and sound dampening. You could easily 
spend too much, so I would probably start with that first microphone and 
return it if you need to upgrade it.

Would you be willing to share the content you created? I can probably 
give you some pointers.



On 2019-11-25 10:18, LeRoy Diener wrote:
> Hi NMGLUG folks,
> In response to Jared, thanks for your detailed info and questions.
> Here are answers to your questions:
> I am using Debian GNU/Linux 9.11 (stretch).
> I managed to get Kdenlive installed with help from Jason.
> I just installed Audacity from my repository by using the "Software"
> GUI.
> Why do you suggest .wav as a file format to import into kdenlive?
> My plan is mostly to edit videos which are recorded on a phone or
> camera.
> I did not find any way to record a voiceover in kdenlive.
> I did some successful testing using audacity and kdenlive.
> Here's what I did in testing: In audacity, I recorded my voice,
> clicked on File > Export Audio, in the Export Audio Dialog box, mp3
> was the default. I selected folder and filename, and I clicked save.
> In kdenlive, I added a video which I had recorded on my phone and
> copied to my hard drive, my voiceover.mp3 and music.mp3. I dragged all
> 3 onto the timeline, clicked Project > Render. In the Rendering dialog
> box, I selected mp4, selected folder and filename, and I clicked
> Render to File.
> The successful test produced a .mp4 file which has the video, the
> voiceover and the music all superimposed exactly as I put them on the
> kdenlive timeline.
> It seems that I have proof of concept. I am grateful to all of you who
> have helped me to get to this point.
> I consider myself now a total novice with kdenlive and audacity.
> Any suggestions?
> LeRoy
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>> Hey LeRoy,I use audacity. It should already be in your repo.What
>> version of Debian are you using??   lsb_release -aIf audacity (or
>> kdenlive for that matter) is not in your repo, then consider using
>> snaps to install
>> both.https://snapcraft.io/audacityhttps://snapcraft.io/kdenliveIf
>> your on Debian 9 or 10. You can install snap(d) to get access to
>> snaps.https://snapcraft.io/docs/installing-snap-on-debianThere might
>> be a way to do the voice over within kdenlive, but I'm not sure. You
>> might record with audacity and import the .wav into kdenlive. If you
>> are capturing video from your machine's desktop and trying to record
>> audio at the same time, like so many computer how-tos on YouTube,
>> then you should check out OBS  (Open Broadcaster Software).Are you
>> editing video produced from a camera? Or are you trying to record
>> what is on your desktop?~ Jared
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>> To: nmglug at lists.nmglug.org Subject: [nmglug] Can anyone suggest an
>> audio recorder? Hi NMGLUG folks,Does anyone have any experience
>> using an audio recorder?Can you suggest any audio recorder that
>> works well?My specific need at this moment is to record voice-over
>> audio files which I will add to videos which I'll edit in
>> Kdenlive.Thanks in advance,LeRoy--I am the Love of God, no matter
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