[nmglug] Can anyone suggest an audio recorder?

LeRoy Diener leroy at choosetherightside.com
Tue Nov 26 17:21:23 PST 2019

Hi NMGLUG folks,

In response to Jason's email:

I ran
$ sudo apt-get install ardour qjackctl xjadeo calf-plugins tap-plugins
swh-lv2 so-synth-lv2 fil-plugins amb-plugins cmt rubberband-ladspa
swh-plugins zam-plugins
It was successful.

In my menu section Sound & Video, Ardour5 is now added.
I opened Ardour. It guided me through the setup prior to first usage.
I completed that, accepting defaults.
I tried to start a New Session, but I got a dialog box saying
"Failed to start or connect to audio-engine.
Latency calibration requires a working audio interface."
I have not been able to get past that.

On a positive note, I am able to use Audacity, and I'm not in a big hurry.
Based on what you, Jason, wrote, I feel inclined to get Ardour working, so
I can use this. While it's nice to have options, I agree that I may as well
go straight to the best.
I'm looking forward to getting Ardour configured/set up, so I can use this
for most everything I want to do with audio recording.

Here's what I'm doing now with video and audio editing. I will probably
work on other projects in the future. This is just my current project. I
want to offer my yoga instruction by video. So, I am recording videos of me
doing specific yoga routines. When I have access, I'm filming from two
different angles. I will discard the audio portion recorded while filming.
Next, I do voice-over which is me speaking instructions about how to do
what I'm demonstrating in the video. I might add a third audio track of
background music. For this project, I think the audio editing is simple,
and I can do this in kdenlive. I don't see any way to record audio in
kdenlive. So, it may be best to record the voice-over audio in ardour.

Equipment I've started with now is my smartphone to record the video and
the mic in my laptop to record my voice-over.

I think I found a Zoom H2 from Amazon.com for $170. Is there a problem with
using the mic in my laptop?

I am the Love of God, no matter what.
LeRoy Diener

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> > Can you suggest any audio recorder that works well?
> > My specific need at this moment is to record voice-over audio files
> > which I will add to videos which I'll edit in Kdenlive.
> I would recommend Ardour. After years of working with audio editing on
> GnuLinux I recommend going straight to the best and not wasting time on
> the "easy" software. Unless you are absolutely sure you will never
> progress into anything beyond the most basic task. Even then, for basic
> stuff Ardour is simple enough.
> Depending on what your doing it may be easiest to edit audio in the
> video editing software. There is a plugin to Ardour called xjadeo but it
> is not a video editor. It is used for playing your final video edit in
> ardour so you can professionally edit the audio tracks and then combine
> the two when your done. Probably best for sound tracks but voice tracks
> with many video edits could be challenging using this method.
> Its also really nice to have a simple field recorder. The Zoom H2 is
> what I have. Its perfect as long as you buy a hairy windscreen for it. I
> got mine from some guy in Hawaii who makes them by hand.
> This will install ardour along with some plugins that you may find
> useful some day.
> sudo apt-get install ardour qjackctl xjadeo calf-plugins tap-plugins
> swh-lv2 so-synth-lv2 fil-plugins amb-plugins cmt rubberband-ladspa
> swh-plugins zam-plugins
> Hope that helps.
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