[nmglug] [ABQLUG] Next meetup is on December 3rd

ABQLUG community at abqlug.com
Fri Nov 29 14:44:14 PST 2019

I was hoping to be ready to give a deep dive on the topic of data drives 
(HDDs and SSDs). However, I was not able to complete the write-up a head 
of time. I might touch on that subject, but it's not going to be the 
main focus.

Recently there have been people that have asked if I can help them 
switch to Linux. I would like to invite anyone that wants to switch 
their computers to Linux to come to these meetups. If you or anyone you 
know that is curious, please tell them to visit: 
https://www.abqlug.com/attendee/ so they can attend the next meetup.

If anyone needs a second machine to install Linux on, I have some old 
spare laptops and desktops. However, many of them need hard drives.

I hope to see you at the next meetup!

~ Jared

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