[nmglug] new programming course - anyone want to help with an install-fest on Saturday?

Mark Galassi mark at galassi.org
Sun Sep 22 21:07:45 PDT 2019

Dear nmglugers,

On Saturday+Sunday September 28+29 I will teach another one of my
programming workshops.  I have often had great benefit from nmglug
people showing up to help with the installfest - you see, at the start
we take old laptops that the students have found and we install a
GNU/Linux distribution on them.  It takes about 1/2 hour to get them
going, sometimes a bit more if they have weird hardware.

If anyone can do that I will be delighted to treat you to
breakfast/coffee (and the skinny on recent stories about free software
politics) beforehand :-)

And if you know anyone with students (grade 6-12) who might be
interested in math/science/computing, please pass this URL on to them:


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