[nmglug] [ABQLUG] Next meetup is 10/01/19 - Ubuntu 19.10, maybe CentOS 8

ABQLUG community at abqlug.com
Thu Sep 26 18:48:18 PDT 2019

Hello fellow NMGLUGers,

The next scheduled ABQLUG meetup is going to be on October 1st, 2019 
from 6 pm - 8 pm. I am planning on covering the Beta release of Ubuntu 
19.10. Mostly I wanted to tryout ZFS on root and give my experiences 
with kernel updates. Supposedly the 19.10 release will have ZFS 
experimental support. However, from messing around with the daily image, 
I still haven't found that option in the installer. This makes me wonder 
if I take a different angle to this if I can't easily install Ubuntu 
over ZFS.

Now that CentOS 8/Stream is out, I am contemplating messing around with 
CentOS instead. However, I don't know what attendees would like to see 
demonstrated on CentOS. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

To attned, please visit: https://www.abqlug.com/attendee/

P.S. I want to do a special event towards the end of October. I was 
thinking that doing a "hacktober" event would be fun and 
time-appropriate. However, I don't know yet what we specifically would 
be doing at this event. I just would like for it to be true to a "spooky 
theme." I initially thought that maybe hacking into cable modems would 
be scary and would fit into a two hour segment. However, from my 
testing, this isn't very good for time management since it involves 
brute-force and I didn't want to have to resort to using a cluster of 
cloud servers to process the data quick enough. Mostly I didn't want to 
spend a lot of $$.

If you have any suggestions for the hacktober event, please let me know!

I hope to see ya'll at the next meetup!

~ Jared

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