[nmglug] Learning about options for installing programs, help please

LeRoy Diener leroy at choosetherightside.com
Tue Dec 1 07:07:15 PST 2020

Hi NMGLUG folks,

I would like some explanations about the advantages and disadvantages of
different approaches to installing programs on debian.
I've heard various ideas, and I've tried different protocols for installing.
I'd like now to have a better comprehension about this topic.
In general, I'm finding that the CLI works best, but there are still many

For example, one way to install a program is from apt.
What does that mean? Is it related to typing in the CLI something like sudo
apt install ... ? Is it related to the etc/apt folder? What are the
Another way to install is into home bin.
What does that mean? Is it related to the home/bin folder?

Where are the programs coming from if installed using apt or not from apt.
How safe are programs from outside the repository? Which places are safer
than others?
Does it make a difference which folder on my hard drive where the programs
are installed to?

The above questions might be great questions, or they may not be so good. I
hope that it is clear the type of info and the type of comprehension I'm
looking for. I've tried an online search, but what I've found so far is a
very basic instruction on which commands to use. If there is a good written
resource at the level that I'm learning, that would be great.

I am the Love of God, no matter what.
LeRoy Diener
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