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Tue Dec 1 08:10:40 PST 2020

Hey LeRoy,

I'm sure somebody will be able to give a really good response before I 
can give a response.

If not, I'm welcome to explain what options you have to install 
software these days on Linux (Debian in your case). It's kinda 
complicated, so I won't have the proper time to write something out just 

I'll write another email about the details on how to join, and will 
send that shortly.

~ Jared

On Dec 1 2020 8:07 AM, LeRoy Diener wrote:
> Hi NMGLUG folks,
> I would like some explanations about the advantages and disadvantages
> of different approaches to installing programs on debian.
> I've heard various ideas, and I've tried different protocols for 
> installing.
> I'd like now to have a better comprehension about this topic.
> In general, I'm finding that the CLI works best, but there are still
> many options.
> For example, one way to install a program is from apt.
> What does that mean? Is it related to typing in the CLI something
> like sudo apt install ... ? Is it related to the etc/apt folder? What
> are the pros/cons?
> Another way to install is into home bin.
> What does that mean? Is it related to the home/bin folder?
> Where are the programs coming from if installed using apt or not from 
> apt.
> How safe are programs from outside the repository? Which places are
> safer than others?
> Does it make a difference which folder on my hard drive where the
> programs are installed to?
> The above questions might be great questions, or they may not be so
> good. I hope that it is clear the type of info and the type of
> comprehension I'm looking for. I've tried an online search, but what
> I've found so far is a very basic instruction on which commands to
> use. If there is a good written resource at the level that I'm
> learning, that would be great.
> LeRoy
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