[nmglug] PureOS; Re: Things to do to fill the day

Tom Ashcraft trailerdog234 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 30 20:02:38 PDT 2020

Hey folks,

Brian's email got me curious about trying PureOS.  I'm a sucker for 
trying any distro with a clean Gnome desktop, wallpaper with a pretty 
mountain range and a reputation for integrity.  I thought after all my 
blather about installing to USB sticks I ought to give it a whirl 
myself.  Which I did with unfortunately rather disappointing results.

The iso checksum checked out and Etcher cooked up an install drive/"live 
USB" just fine from both Kubuntu directly and also a Windows 10 VM in 
Virtual Box on the same machine.  Moreover, Etcher claims a proper 
validation in each.  But the installed PureOS demo system fails to see 
the WiFi adapter in my HP-Notebook (maybe three years old) and has 
problems with detecting the correct display settings of my Toshiba 
Satellite L505 (maybe ten or eleven years old).  It does see WiFi on the 
L505 but does not properly accept the password and actually connect.  
Ethernet is not an option for me right now.

I expect this is a firmware issue with the proper free drivers just not 
being available or something, but the website Bug tracker thus far turns 
up nothing useful, and under the Troubleshooting section (last updated 
131 days ago) there is only one item under Networking--which does not 

I'm not saying I think PureOS is a dysfunctional project or not 
worthwhile, but I do wonder if for most people in the real world it's 
worth spending much time on as a primary stand-alone system (that is, 
not a virtual machine).

I'd be interested to know if anyone tries it out and has better results, 
a different perspective, etc.


On 7/29/20 11:36 AM, Brian O'Keefe wrote:
> Hello All,
> I was poking around and looking at a website specifically re: Gnu and 
> the Hurd OS. Hurd doesn't really work much at all but there were 6 
> OSes listed that were certified FOSS and approved by Stallman. They 
> each used the linux kernel. I downloaded PureOS and installed in as a 
> virtual machine (in the non-FOSS Vbox). After a few tweaks it was up 
> and running and I really like it. I would migrate to it if I had a 
> clue how to keep everything. It's fast and clean, the FOSS browser 
> works perfectly. No issues with sound nor anything else. It's Debian 
> based so its Gnome GUI is very familiar.
> Just thought that I'd let you all know.
> Ciao
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