[nmglug] Freezing

Leopoldo Macias leopoldo at maciasnetwork.com
Sun Jun 7 22:49:46 PDT 2020

I agree with Akkana.. look for the cause,

If your system froze, try running the journalctl command (there's lots 
of data in that). You can filter the data in many ways so as not to get 
overwhelmed. For example:

To view the kernel logs (which might have clues to a crash or hang)
journalctl -rk

the (-r) will print the log in reverse order (meaning newest logs show 
up first)

the (-k) will only show logs for the kernel (you can choose many 
different logs to display with other options)

You can scroll down through the logs or type the colon (shift+;) and q 
to quit the log.

Here is a link for helpful journalctl commands:


I tried it on my ubuntu20.04 and I did not have to use sudo to run the 
'journalctl' commands.

Usually if a process hung it will be recorded in the kernel logs and 
that give a path to follow. Also, has this happened multiple times prior 
to the swap update? or did occur only once?

On 6/7/20 11:29 AM, Brian O'Keefe wrote:
> Thanks Akkana
> Yeah, can't check much when frozen. I've looked at dmesg but too much 
> in there that I don't understand. I'll come running for help if this 
> gets worse. It's usually only every couple of days. I do put the 
> machine to sleep a lot. Maybe I need to shut down daily or some such,
> Best
> Brian
> On 6/7/20 11:07 AM, Akkana Peck wrote:
>> Brian O'Keefe writes:
>>>     I am loathe to increase the swap memory when it doesn't appear to be a
>>>     problem according to System Monitor.
>> This. I've seen a lot of discussion about swap, but if there was any
>> evidence that swap was the problem, I missed it. If adding swap is
>> going to be this hard, maybe put the effort instead into diagnosing
>> why the system is freezing?
>> For instance, do you know if it's X or the kernel that's freezing?
>> It would be interesting to try to ssh in from another machine,
>> to see if maybe the machine is up but X is locked.
>> Diagnosing a freeze isn't all that easy, because of course if the
>> kernel is hung, then the system has no way to note what went wrong.
>> But sometimes you can find out what was happening just before it
>> froze. Here's a Google search that gives some starting points:
>> https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=diagnose+why+linux+freezing&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
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