[nmglug] virtual meeting tonight?

Brian O'Keefe okeefe at cybermesa.com
Sun Mar 29 17:16:47 PDT 2020

Chromium doesn't work with Jitsy, I discovered. Why that should be the 
case for me is odd but it is what it is. I installed Chrome and found 
that Jitsy works fine both audio and video. Doesn't take much memory 
either and no latency issues. If someone wants to send me an invite and 
using chrome I could verify that.

Many thanks and stay safe!


On 3/28/20 9:58 AM, jason schaefer wrote:
>> NMGLugers, So, use 'sudo apt install chromium-browser' or your 
>> "Software Center" or other gui to add the Chromium Browser for the 
>> jitsy sessions. We all noticed a heavy use of CPU and memory during 
>> the session with Chromium, so I hope you have at least 4 GB ram or 
>> better, 8 GB or more. The Web and web apps have become very 
>> demanding. You can still do "rocket science" with less, but video and 
>> audio and whatever else is  going on in a web conference seems to 
>> have heavy requirements. Thank you, Ted P.
> On the other hand you can jump into IRC using a 20 year old computer! 
> I still use https://irssi.org but there are other options that might 
> be more familiar. Hexchat, Pidgin, Weechat and of course through a 
> browser https://webchat.freenode.net
> https://freenode.net/kb/answer/chat
> There are thousands of users and channels to lurk in 
> https://netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode
> We are channel #nmglug
> Jason
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