[nmglug] virtual meeting tonight?

jason schaefer js at jasonschaefer.com
Sat Mar 28 08:58:41 PDT 2020

> NMGLugers, So, use 'sudo apt install chromium-browser' or your
> "Software Center" or other gui to add the Chromium Browser for the
> jitsy sessions. We all noticed a heavy use of CPU and memory during
> the session with Chromium, so I hope you have at least 4 GB ram or
> better, 8 GB or more. The Web and web apps have become very demanding.
> You can still do "rocket science" with less, but video and audio and
> whatever else is  going on in a web conference seems to have heavy
> requirements. Thank you, Ted P.

On the other hand you can jump into IRC using a 20 year old computer! I
still use https://irssi.org but there are other options that might be
more familiar. Hexchat, Pidgin, Weechat and of course through a browser


There are thousands of users and channels to lurk in

We are channel #nmglug


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