[nmglug] NM Community BBB Project

Jonathan Haack jonathan at jonathanhaack.com
Fri May 1 20:37:29 PDT 2020


I just now completed set up on the NM Community BBB project.  For now,
please do not share the link outside NM GLUG.  I am concerned about load
and scale, of course, if this is spread too wide.  Input on load balancing
and scale is appreciated.

With that said, however, please test it and *try* to break it.  I do not
want to release this to general teacher/student/club use until it is
properly tested and who better than the NM Gluggers!  Here is the link:


(Again, for now, demo rooms (like Jitsi) are open ... so just enter a name
and conference away - please send feedback back to me and/or LeRoy (see
above) as we meet and discuss scale.)

Jonathan Haack
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