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Art Barnes art at pin2.io
Fri Apr 2 20:16:05 PST 2021

Thanks John!

I’d wanted to lead with a YouTube video of Martin Shkreli (yes, that Martin Shkreli) showing off his Excel skills though that didn’t happen on account of my running late. For the interested, here’s the link:

Skip to the 6-minute mark to see the dark-side equivalent of a seasoned Vim user.


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Thanks for the rstudio tutorial last night.  If anyone is interested, "rstudio server" (not merely the IDE) is also designed to be public facing IDE in a web browser behind TLS.  All you need to do is configure apache to use a reverse proxy in the virtual host configuration files, the rest is pretty easy.  If anyone is interested, I have a tutorial here which steps you through the setup: https://wiki.haacksnetworking.com/doku.php?id=computing:rstudio - I also link to the two virtual host configurations that I made (adapted from some gitlab recipes I contributed to which also require apache reverse proxies).  I personally use port 8787 because I have a gitlab repo currently using 8181, but this can be changed.  You can also optionally reverse proxy to a distinct device, or backend server while keeping the primary server as a gateway, but I just use localhost for both since my machine is personal use and there are no load issues to be concerned with.
My instance is here: https://rstudio.jonathanhaack.com//auth-sign-in? - sorry, no testing lol, but you can at least see the front end in the wild lol.
The purpose for the web browser rstudio is that you can dedicate one strong machine to do all of your calculations and store all your configurations, etc., and then work on those directly/remotely over TLS when off-site and/or for presentations one might do with rstudio.  Another advantage is that your daily driving  . tinkering on your desktop won't crash your working environment for your rstudio calculations.  Currently using rstudio and r to do ECLSK analysis between NM students and national peers.
Apache reverse proxies information: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/howto/reverse_proxy.html
Rstudio server: https://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download-server/

Thanks again Art, and hope some people find this interesting or useful,
Jonathan Haack

On 4/1/21 3:20 PM, Ted Pomeroy wrote:
NMGLUgers, tonight we switch to this alternate Thursday. The Virtual meeting is on, Virtual; this does not prevent any sub-groups from gathering as they may prefer.
Our topic is "Replace Excel with RStudio" presented by Art B. So join us and here why this might work and feel free to opine on useful spreadsheet applications, but with a broader view after we hear from Art.
See you later. Thank you, Ted P.

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