[nmglug] Mtg. Tonight

Mark Galassi mark at galassi.org
Thu Mar 11 11:42:29 PST 2021

> I took a brief look at Overleaf, referenced LaTex and Tex, these are the
> typesetting or markup language tools to make documents incorporating
> mathematical formulae. I have not used these, has anyone who might be at
> our video meeting tonight?

I use TeX/LaTeX all the time, but I won't be there, although I would love to start joining again if we can shift the phase of the nmglug meetings.

(I feel sheepish about that -- I had asked for this phase back when both nmglug and my workshops were at Warehouse 21, but that's not the case anymore, so now the effect is the opposite: I can never join the nmglug meetings.  Anyone think we could shift the phase back to the other Thursday?)

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