[nmglug] nmglug irc channel

Mark Galassi mark at galassi.org
Wed May 26 17:53:55 PDT 2021

> It still seems like things could shake out either way,
> but are folks planning on moving the nmglug irc channel
> to libera.chat or stick it out with freenode?

If I might make a suggestion, IRC's model is annoying to many, including a super old timer such as myself.

How about creating a Matrix room?

There are many distributed chat systems vying for that space, but matrix has shown robustness handling thousands of people at major free/open-source conferences, and is convincing skeptics.  Another candidate is mattermost, but I find it harder to get going.  rocketchat is nice, but it seems to be losing out in the "market"-share battle.

Of course it's all based on free s/w, with no proprietary javascript bits if you run it in your browser.  There are also desktop and mobile apps that are free as well.

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