[nmglug] nmglug irc channel

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Thu May 27 07:43:03 PDT 2021

Mark Galassi writes:
> If I might make a suggestion, IRC's model is annoying to many, including a super old timer such as myself.
> How about creating a Matrix room?

I'm curious: what's annoying about IRC that Matrix fixes?

> Of course it's all based on free s/w, with no proprietary javascript bits if you run it in your browser.  There are also desktop and mobile apps that are free as well.

What open source Matrix client(s) do you recommend?
aptitude search matrix on Ubuntu finds a lot of libraries
but I'm not seeing anything that looks like a client, and none
of the clients listed on https://matrix.org/clients/ seem to
be available in the ubuntu repos. I'm game to try it if you
can recommend a client.

I gather that bridging between Matrix and IRC is supposed to be
easy, though? So maybe we could have an IRC bridge, which would
then give everyone a big choice of IRC clients.


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