[nmglug] nmglug irc channel

Mark Galassi mark at galassi.org
Thu May 27 12:56:53 PDT 2021

> Telegram is an open-source option as well ...

Telegram was designed for individual and small group interactions, and its server is not free s/w.  That does not affect someone who just runs the client, but it's a drag.  It is also (like signal) dependent on a phone number.

I use telegram's free clients pretty much only to talk to the existing large user base.  I use signal for most of my individual interaction - the underpinnings of signal are solid if you look at how Moxie Marlinspike structured the non-profit behind it.

But the space IRC used to fill was a very different space: it's the large decentralized chat room space rather than a replacement for the ancient unix write/talk and the old ICQ/AIM 2-person-or-small-group instant messaging approaches.  You can do it with telegram and signal, but it's not meant for that.

I've tried inviting a bunch of nmglug (and ask me if my invitation did not get to you) to the experimental matrix room I just made; let's see how it is.

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