[nmglug] nmglug irc channel

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Fri May 28 07:58:42 PDT 2021

Two things re the Matrix rooms Mark set up:

Last night, I was able to connect to element.io via the invitations
Mark sent. There were two rooms: initially we were talking on
nmglug, but then we moved to a different room, nmglug-room. But
today, I can log in but it's only showing me nmglug, not nmglug-room.

Also, I don't find the web interface very usable and wanted an
alternative. I'm already using bitlbee to follow Twitter as a tab
in hexchat, and it turns out that libpurple can talk to matrix
and there's a bitlbee plugin for libpurple. It was surprisingly
easy to set up: On Ubuntu I ran

    sudo apt-get bitlbee-libpurple

restarted bitlbee

    sudo service bitlbee restart

then in the &bitlbee tab, typed the two lines from
https://wiki.bitlbee.org/HowtoMatrix :

    account add matrix @username:matrix.org password
    account matrix on

and it logged me in to matrix and gave me a new tab with the
nmglug matrix room.


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