[nmglug] nmglug on matrix, and bitlbee

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Fri May 28 10:49:52 PDT 2021

Mark Galassi writes:
> Yeah, the story there is that I found I was able to rename the original (annoyingly configured) room to nmglug-donotuse, so now nmglug is the right one, and I think you're in.

Got it! But a little while after we chatted a little this morning in
nmglug, I got kicked out of the room: "You have been kicked from
#!tgptWbstjQjsXIAZZT:mat by root".

> In your description of hexchat+bitlbee setup I was not able to follow it - I have not used hexchat, so the jargon escaped me.  What is the ^bitlbee tab?  How do you get it?  If I start hexchat after your instructions I don't see anything that looks like a tab.

Bitlbee is a separate piece of software which gateways lots of
different protocols to IRC, so you can view non-IRC things in an
IRC reader. Read about it at https://www.bitlbee.org/
It sets up an IRC "server" on localhost port 6667.
I've been using it for Twitter, so I can see my twitter timeline
in a tab in hexchat.

In hexchat, every IRC channel has its own tab. So for example if I
join #nmglug on freenet I get a new tab; if I join ##linux that's
another tab.

After installing bitlbee, you can set up a bitlbee "server" in
hexchat, on localhost/6667, and connect to it, which opens a server
tab for bitlbee control messages, plus a tab for any bitlbee
accounts I've configured. So I cam have a tab for twitter, a tab
for nmglug on Matrix, a tab for the Raspberry Pi Club on Discord,
etc. Each of those tabs corresponds to an account I've set up in

To get bitlbee set up in the first place, there's a user guide and
a wiki at https://www.bitlbee.org/
I also wrote a blog article years ago about how I got it set up
with Twitter: https://shallowsky.com/blog/tech/bitlbee.html
but most of that is Twitter-specific and isn't needed for Matrix.

That page I pointed to, https://wiki.bitlbee.org/HowtoMatrix assumes
you've already installed bitlbee and bitlbee-libpurple, defined a
bitlbee server in your IRC client and connected to it, which opens
up a bitlbee server tab if you're using hexchat, and that's where
you type those "account" commands.


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