[nmglug] Trunas scale exp?

Jonathan Haack jonathan at jonathanhaack.com
Sat Aug 13 12:22:50 PDT 2022

Are you booting off a flash drive instance of TruNAS (recommended setup 
afaik)? If so, is it USB 3 on both ends?

Other than that, just make sure the drives are 7200rpm and latest SATA 
spec should be fine. I don't use TruNAS itself, but use zfs pools on two 
physical hosts, which is what TruNAS is using "under the hood"

So, I would check your boot media to begin with, then check which SATA 
implementation you have 1.5, 3, or 6 ... Mbps, and rpms of hard drive.

Good luck.


On 8/10/22 3:39 PM, Wesley Robbins wrote:
> Does anyone know the best hardware or software setup for TruNAS? I 
> setup trunas a few months ago, and really like it.  minus really poor 
> performance. Which might be my hardware. The internet has just 
> confused me more.    Searching and reading speeds of Sata, SSD, and 
> pcie is not straight. . .  I am not sure where to even look to make 
> changes for the better.
> Right now I have a AMD phenom II 6x with 16gig and 1 gig Ethernet.  
> With seven Sata drives 2 of which are hot spares.
> My thoughts now. Are as follows.
> Pcie Sata card? Better nic?  More ram?  Bad settings?
> Any help would be wonderful.
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