[nmglug] Trunas scale exp?

Wesley Robbins wezzels at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 14:39:25 PDT 2022

Does anyone know the best hardware or software setup for TruNAS?  I setup
trunas a few months ago, and really like it.  minus really poor
performance. Which might be my hardware. The internet has just confused me
more.    Searching and reading speeds of Sata, SSD, and pcie is not
straight. . .  I am not sure where to even look to make changes for the

Right now I have a AMD phenom II 6x with 16gig and 1 gig Ethernet.  With
seven Sata drives 2 of which are hot spares.

My thoughts now. Are as follows.
Pcie Sata card? Better nic?  More ram?  Bad settings?

Any help would be wonderful.
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