[nmglug] "Oldery" to close

Ted Pomeroy ted.pome at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 09:07:29 PDT 2022

Today's "New Mexican" reports that the Second Street Brewery location on
Second St. is slated to close by April 9th of this year. The Rufina St. and
Railyard locations will continue in operation and tap beer to be brewed in
a new location.
This means we have one less option for in-person meetings, but can still
use the other locations if we choose. We may want to consider in-person
meeting as long as the next Covid surge/wave is not any worse than previous
ones and there are no new restrictions either recommended or required.
By the way, I am now on a desktop unit with an older install of LinuxMint,
previously housed in a laptop donated to Mark Galassi for his next coding
class for youth. It is running well and I have switched to an internal pci
card for the wifi and can reach the local Senior Center for access. I still
support a few seniors in their computing efforts.
Another item was LibrePlanet, virtual for 2022. I attended a few of the
talks and failed to utilize the virtual meet-up space with proximity chats
via video. I did use that technology in an origami gathering, but did not
want to push my participation at LibrePlanet.
Hope all are well, Ted P
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