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Jonathan Haack jonathan at jonathanhaack.com
Wed Nov 9 13:02:38 PST 2022

I regularly have attended after-GLUG for the last 6 years, minus 3-6 
months for the primary parts of COVID lockdown. I continue to urge and 
hope to see people at after-GLUG and often get amazing work done and 
have wonderful conversations with Jason, Geoff, and others. I often 
teach during GLUG proper so cannot make that time.

I also continue folks to consider hopping on Mastodon at 
https://gnulinux.social or if you already have an account to find me at 
@oemb1905 at gnulinux.social - having been on Mastodon since 2017, I can 
speak from experience that the community needs help in addressing the 
loads of people coming over from Twitter.

Be well folks!


On 11/9/22 10:00 AM, Mark Galassi wrote:
> Last time we met in person, so this is our virtual week.  It seems like we might have consensus on that alternating cadence, but if someone wants to suggest a different approach we can discuss it.
> Who updates the web site these days?
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