[nmglug] Aztec wants to set up a Linux box for customers to use....

Jason Davis mohadib at openactive.org
Wed Apr 6 16:30:45 PDT 2005

Hello All,
 The Aztec Coffee Shop wants to set up a computer for customers to
surf/email/etc.. with , free of charge (and free wireless too). They
(Sarah - owner?) is excited about the stability of Linux and the free
and open nature. So , tonight  I will do the base install so we won't
have to wait around all night at the meeting. Then at the meeting , I
think it would be nice if everyone took turns installing/configuring
their favorite pkgs for desktop  usage (ie - install flash / set up
firefox with the pimp extensions/ set up alsa...etc).

  I know it took us a while to get the box all configured for SFBC ...
so maybe we could even do a meeting or two at the Aztec should we need
to do any fine tuning.... or not :)

Anyway , hope to see a lot of you guys/gals tomorrow :)


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