[nmglug] POP3 Server Request - finale?

Andres Paglayan andres at paglayan.com
Thu Mar 15 08:15:46 PDT 2007

which system? was it fonality?
or any other asterisk based,
if so, you can make it work with other apps too,

I do work for a non-profit too,
and I use/suffer techsoup too,

but I still run Linux servers wherever I can,
(much easier to admin, etc)
and I try to use as many FOSS apps as I can,

i.e. even if all PCs have MS office,
I still install OpenOffice, (and I sent my docs to everybody in ods)
from ghostcrip to the gimp,
plus firefox, and a myriad of other free software,
even if they are not being used, they're there,

On Mar 15, 2007, at 8:33 AM, luis pena wrote:

> Recently, the IT department has implemented a new VoIP system that  
> has a symbiotic relationship with Exchange (viral indeed!).
> On a related note, one of the main issues preventing a exodus  
> towards an open source infrastructure w/ many non-profits is the MS  
> practice of charity licensing. Sites such as TechSoup sell MS  
> products at nominal fees for non-profit orgs. IMHO this is a  
> blatant practice of circumventing the spread of FOSS solutions in  
> sectors where $$$ is tight. Is anyone out there familiar w/ the  
> practice of MS charity licensing?
> But this story is not over, nor am I defeated. The knowledge I have  
> gained over the course of the last two weeks has been invaluable.  
> Many thanks to everyone who submitted comments and responses. Hasta  
> la victoria siempre!
> Don't get soaked. Take a quick peek at the forecast
> with theYahoo! Search weather shortcut.
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