[nmglug] Spa algorithm, para port, hiliostat project.

akaluta akaluta at taosnet.com
Thu Jan 8 03:50:30 PST 2009

Dear Glug Persons;
Now,I am able to access my parallel port,significant to me and thanks
again to all.
CONCEPT IN QUESTION: read the pertinent part of the spa.c
http://rredc.nrel.gov/solar/codesandalgorithms/spa/ , output,to a
stepper motor control program driving motors x,y respectively.
QUESTION PER SE: looking for an analogous sample program or snippet
which could a read "spa",in this instance every twenty seconds, and
write to a stepper program. suspect the solution would include time.h. 

Anyone able to point me in the direction? Best Regards, Anthony K

The project as it stands is a heliostat, electo-mechanically controlled
heating my concrete bathroom floor with a conservative pre-loss output
of 7200 btu's. wishing to add computer control.

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