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Hi a,

Are you able to boot off the SSD?

Should be a boot option from the BIOS menu. Sometimes it's F9-12. 
Sometimes Del. Depends on the model.

If it's a USB mount, you might have some issues, but worth a quick test.



On 6/6/19 11:04 AM, a wrote:
> Hi all
> Here is the latest, erased sdd put ext4, downloaded today for 2 3/4 
> hours led still flashing closed the download these attachments are all 
> gathered after
> download close down.
> still uncertain if there is a mount unmount consideration.
> Best, a
> On 6/6/19 7:57 AM, ABQLUG wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> When I went home I had some more time to look at why the /boot 
>> partition wasn't there. TIL
>> https://askubuntu.com/questions/6490/is-a-boot-partition-necessary-anymore
>> https://superuser.com/questions/522971/is-a-boot-partition-always-necessary/522998#522998
>> TL;DR: Some circumstances require separate partitions for swap and/or 
>> /boot, and even gain performance under certain circumstances. However 
>> there is no technical reason for a"normal" system to have separate 
>> partitions.
>> Likely this was the default setup at some point. Sorry I didn't 
>> notice that the first time. Normally I manually setup the partitions, 
>> and have just added the /boot out of a "legacy" habit.
>> Regards,
>> Jared
>> On 6/5/19 10:07 PM, a wrote:
>>> Brian
>>> I was planning to attend the meeting tomorrow if I received a 
>>> supportive response to my various queries this past week, Gparted 
>>> loaded after I rebooted, I used the given option to terminate the os 
>>> load so the followed offered choice which I image was used to avert 
>>> error , I would have tried again if I had known if the receiving SSD 
>>> needed to be mounted or unmounted. whether the unallocated file 
>>> system needed any tweeking a few basic things of that sort, I have 
>>> erased the ssd contents, If you will be there to assist and enough 
>>> time to do the load otherwise without assurance of assistance I will 
>>> not make attendance a priority. Nevertheless thanks for your 
>>> persistence in this venture.
>>> Best, a
>>> On 6/5/19 7:18 PM, Brian O'Keefe wrote:
>>>> Hi a
>>>> I think there's a meeting tomorrow? I know that you live away out 
>>>> and that you may not make the meeting.
>>>> At this point Jared is pretty right on about getting hands on help. 
>>>> For my last HD up grade I did exactly what Jared pointed out and I 
>>>> installed Ubuntu 18.04 onto the new drive and then just copied data 
>>>> I wanted from the old drive. I did this because my old drive's OS 
>>>> had been upgraded over the years (and cloned to newer drives) since 
>>>> Ubuntu 6.04 and had many configuration file patches, or 
>>>> work-arounds to get it to function. It did until one day when it 
>>>> blew and luckily, with Mark's help, I saved data and was able to 
>>>> preserve everything important with a few exceptions. Had my system 
>>>> not been pretty hosed and I anted the SSD I would have used dd but 
>>>> couldn't. That's a back story but it works just fine. I had to 
>>>> reinstall some apps and futz with my browser and mail client to get 
>>>> all of that data too but it wasn't difficult. It's not as "perfect" 
>>>> as a dd clone where you don't have to do anything but the cloning. 
>>>> It has potential downsides as you have found out, if one doesn't 
>>>> grok what is going on. Since I've never had an error yours is 
>>>> mysterious to me.
>>>> It is very weird that you have no boot partition on your HDD. I 
>>>> have a sense that in cancelling the dd op something got snipped out 
>>>> there. This happened with my hosed OS that I refer to above and 
>>>> luckily Mark was able to stop the bleed and rsync'd most of 
>>>> everything onto a spare drive. (I have 4 or 5 drives that I've kept 
>>>> from these dd upgraded drives so I have plenty of storage or 
>>>> salvage, depending on the need). But losing a partition is strange 
>>>> but could be that you did not use a bootable cd or thumb drive. Is 
>>>> that the case? As I wrote I use dd with a live cd and so the HDs 
>>>> aren't involved in anything other than the cloning. You can imagine 
>>>> that a drive, the one in your machine, is trying to run the command 
>>>> to clone itself while it is running processes as it always does. 
>>>> It's a moving source of data that is copying blocks that may 
>>>> include running processes, like GParted for instance.
>>>> A question that a I think I know the answer to, but did you get the 
>>>> lsblk info after your attempted cloning?
>>>> So do you have a functional OS on your machine? Can you run apps, 
>>>> etc.? Is your data there? If these are the case then a fix can be 
>>>> made, I'm pretty sure. It will take one of the supreme GLUGGers I 
>>>> believe. BTW, I have found tons of info on support sites as almost 
>>>> every issue has been experienced by someone else at sometime. 
>>>> Here's and example of what a google search of your error brought 
>>>> up: http://tinyurl.com/yxks8hww
>>>> Sorry that this happened but I have learned more from my mistakes 
>>>> than anything and one thing I have learned is that almost anything 
>>>> can be fixed and if I can't figure it out the answer is out there 
>>>> and in our cases we have a vast storehouse of brainiacs in out 
>>>> GLUGGer groups and they all have great dispositions and are happy 
>>>> to help!
>>>> Sorry for my verbose emails. It's how my mind works.
>>>> Brian
>>>> On 6/5/19 4:02 PM, a wrote:
>>>>> Brian
>>>>> Doesn't look too bad, should be able to come up with a quick fix, 
>>>>> We'll  probably need to sleep on it.
>>>>> Best, a
>>>>> On 6/3/19 7:08 PM, Brian O'Keefe wrote:
>>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>>> I've mentioned before but dd makes this a simple and fool-proof 
>>>>>> method of cloning the old drive to the new one. It takes an 
>>>>>> enclosure for the new drive w/ usb connection and that's it. 
>>>>>> After checking the drive names to get the correct info into the 
>>>>>> command line it is simply running something along the following 
>>>>>> (in case your drives show up differently but this is what I did 
>>>>>> upon fellow NMGLUGgers. Special thanks to Eric almost 10 years 
>>>>>> ago!!):
>>>>>> dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=1M conv=notrunc,noerror
>>>>>> ...will copy everything from hard drive sda to sdb  (i.e. all
>>>>>> partitions, swap and all data), a true clone.  No need to create
>>>>>> partitions or format them on the target hard drive as the dd command
>>>>>> will create them because it is copy of every single block of sda.
>>>>>> Now if you where copying a single partition to a new drive yes you
>>>>>> would have to create the target partition on the new hard drive.
>>>>>> dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb1 bs=1M conv=notrunc,noerror
>>>>>> In the command above this would clone partition 1 on drive sda to
>>>>>> partition 1 on drive sdb.  In this case you would not need to format
>>>>>> the new target partition either as it is again copying every block of
>>>>>> partition 1 of the source sda1 to the target sdb1.
>>>>>> Hope this helps.
>>>>>> - Eric
>>>>>> On 6/3/19 6:47 PM, a wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi Jason
>>>>>>> Thanks for the good thought, i do not know who that person, to 
>>>>>>> meet early, could  be?. If you will be around Thursday lunch get 
>>>>>>> things rolling, under 300Gb. or wait till later in the week, see 
>>>>>>> how things "shake out", another meeting is okay, the ssd has 
>>>>>>> arrived I have a usb adapter,
>>>>>>>  Best a
>>>>>>> On 5/30/19 9:02 PM, jason schaefer wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi a
>>>>>>>> I highly recommend coming to a meeting to get this done in 
>>>>>>>> person. For something like this its good to get confirmation 
>>>>>>>> that someone is willing and able to help you at the meeting. It 
>>>>>>>> would also be good to meet this person early to allow time for 
>>>>>>>> such a migration. I might be able to be this person next week 
>>>>>>>> but my days are so crazy its hard to say what time I would be 
>>>>>>>> able to get to the meeting.
>>>>>>>> Jason
>>>>>>>> On 5/30/19 5:42 PM, a wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hi
>>>>>>>>> I have ordered a 500G ssd to install my laptop, with my limited knowledge and support devices.(i no need a live disc) My tentative plan follow the Https below transfer to external HDD  then reverse
>>>>>>>>> the process to the ssd?
>>>>>>>>> IN 1.)
>>>>>>>>> ( SUDO LINE BELOW FROM;https://www.ostechnix.com/backup-entire-linux-system-using-rsync/) USING THERE SITE EXAMPLE FOLLOWING:
>>>>>>>>>   $ sudo rsync -aAXv / --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} /mnt
>>>>>>>>> Q.) IS MY DESTINATION CORRECTLY CONFIGURED?. SUBSTITUTING /MNT LAST PART PREVIOUS LINE FOR:  /home/a//media/a/6fbdc743-fc0f-46e4-aea3-8160914c34ec/backup_HDD TO GET
>>>>>>>>> $ sudo rsync -aAXv / --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} /home/a//media/a/6fbdc743-fc0f-46e4-aea3-8160914c34ec/backup_HDD
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