[nmglug] Meeting and Stretch problem/solved

Ted Pomeroy ted.pome at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 14:34:05 PDT 2020

NMGLugers, I think we are scheduled to meet tonight at 5:30 on a Jit.si
link. I hope to be there from here.
I had a problem updating Stretch (Debian 9) this week and had to find a way
to resolve the situation: _apt as a user is unprivileged and the
trusted.gpg file was not getting me to the Debian servers. I did find a
solution in several steps. Had to remove the 'trusted.gpg' file in etc/apt;
clear the /usr/var/apt/lists folder. With that done I was able to update
and dist-upgrade. I briefly considered an upgrade to Buster (Debian 10),
but I was not ready to backup my files this week and I have many files.
This led me to the interesting discussion on the Debian wiki about changes
to Apt.
Hope to see you all, or some of you, tonight.
Thank  you, Ted P.
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